Saturday, March 17, 2012

Interview... With Free E-book!

Is there a new interview of myself up at CRIMINAL-E? Why yes, I think there is. Click... here, to take a look. Is there a free Kindle novel available there? Obviously... Now, whether you have a Kindle or a Kindle app. You can get my favorite novel* absolutely free. Could you wait and get it tomorrow? Of course, but why would you? Here's a description:

Hard-boiled, Noir this book is a look at the consequences of just one simple mistake...
When 13-year-old Jasmine Ramos goes missing, one man, her father, races desperately to save her from the horrors of life and death on the streets of New York City. Can he rescue his daughter from the pitiless concrete maze, or will he be swallowed whole?

* Favorite among the ones I've written. Overall, I'd say there are far too many to choose from. Dostoyevsky? Marquez? Dickens? Austen?


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