Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kindle Free

I'm #1! My free Kindle novel, THE CONCRETE MAZE, is alone at the front of the line, the top of the hill. Okay so it's only under the "Hardboiled" heading, but still, that's impressive, no? Never been #1 before. And hardboiled isn't that small a subcategory is it? I'm also #85 in the Kindle "Free" category. Not so impressive perhaps. Also no idea how many are in competition with me there.

So who can I blame for this success? Let's start with Al Guthrie's CRIMINAL-E interview of me. And then I'm not sure I should list the people who dared to mention the giveaway and me to the people they know through social media like Twitter. I wouldn't like to be the cause of them being asked to do the same for complete strangers whose books they haven't read. They know who they are and that I am indebted.

And how many copies have gone? Let me see... I'm back. More than 2700 copies including 4 in Germany and one in France. Never gave anything away in France before. More than forty since I started writing this post.

Projection? Though I had set a goal of 1,000 copies given away, obviously I overshot. I suspect that I can reach 4,000 before the giveaway is over.

Next post? It will be about something other than the giveaway. Maybe even writing...


Blogger F.T. Bradley: said...

Congrats! I have it on my Kindle, looking forward.

March 18, 2012 9:34 AM  

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