Friday, February 10, 2006

The Year of Selling Stories

Coffee Cramp Magazine took one of my stories. It's a work of speculative fiction called "Chaos, 2099" that will see the light of day in March. I haven't written very much spec-fic (as we spec-fic writers like to call it) and this is my first sale in the genre. I'll link again when the story is up.

This reminds me that JA Konrath wrote about short stories being the best form of advertising because it's free to the writer (heck, sometimes you even get paid) and it builds your credit list/name recognition and it puts real writing (as opposed to advertising copy which is precious difficult) in the hands of readers. If they like your short story, there's a chance they'll go for the novel. I agree. This year, I'm going for broke in this department.

Demolition Magazine run by Bryon Quertermous has also taken one of my stories (which I've blogged about before). The lovely and talented Jen Jordan at CrimeSpree has taken another of my stories (though I'm no longer quite sure which :). Jon Jordan at the same magazine has said yes to an article I'm writing.

AHMM has also taken one of my stories. I'm putting two more in the mail tomorrow. More spec-fic. And I'll be emailing Sarah Weinman about a story for SHOTS later today.

This is the year for getting serious about getting a bunch of stories before the reading public. These are stories already written (I've got about twenty or varying quality just sitting around doing nothing for me. It's time to put them to work.) The literary stories are going to be the hardest ones to find a home for, still, I'll be trying.

PS Many thanks to Bryon Q. as I used his list of links to put together most of the ones in this post. Any errors are, of course, mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You bet any errors are yours. I never make eroors, at allS.

February 12, 2006 4:27 PM  

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