Monday, March 20, 2006

Julia Spencer Fleming...

I had occasion to email Julia Spencer Fleming yesterday and in the response I got an unexpected offer to submit to an interview. Now the interview process is relatively painless, but not every author wants to go through the hassle. For instance, another Fleming (Sir Ian) has steadfastly refused to answer all of my attempts to set up an interview.

Now this is exciting news for me not jsut because I realy liked her novel Out of the Deep I Cry, but I also just bought a pb copy of another of her novels which I can't find for the mess in my writing space but which I'm going to say has a hymn based title. Perhaps more importantly, Julia is one of those writers everyone should want to emulate. She does good work and she is good people. The two traits don't always go hand in hand.

Now, what to ask her...?


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