Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dope by Sara Gran, Part II

Wow. That was probably the noiriest novel I've read since Moony's Road to Hell by Manuel Ramos . And that one is pretty noir. I'd have to read Ramos again to figure out which is noirier. Since I read at a snail's pace, that's not likely to happen. Anyway, Sara Gran is to be commended. The book kept my interest and she captured the same feel I got from reading Ed McBain's The Gutter and the Grave. That is very high praise but well deserved.

I'd like to get a hold of her first novel Come Closer but I've never seen a copy (haven't looked really) and I have literally over a thousand books on my TBR pile. Interestingly, besides what I've set for myself as a prep for interviews I want to do, the top of my TBR pile is all recommended stuff from CrimeSpree . I'm not often swayed by reviews, but they're smart people. Dope was one of their praised ones. Next I'm looking for Drive and Blood Knot.


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