Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm Going to be a Star...

Details to come soon, but I headed to New York City soon to do an interview for TV. Of course, it's cable TV, not the Today Show, but I'm psyched. I need a haircut.

I'll be trying to make it to Black Orchid to pick up some books. If I were smart, I'd call ahead.

--- --- ---

In other news, I got the unbound galleys for Missing In Precinct Puerto Rico. This is where I begin to worry more than usual that the world will hate my book. Actually, I'm more worried that early reviewers will hate it.

I go into rereading the book with the firm knowledge that I need to make one change -- I have to cut the word "old" when referring to a car built in 1978. Sure it'd be old now, but the story is set in 1982.


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