Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Give Up

Orson Scott Card. Can't do it. Nothing at all to do with his politics. Or religion. The first 100 pages of Ender's Game had me captivated. Let's just say I've read exactly 37 pages since, and they've helped me break away. The deal breaker was the plot by two precocious preteens to take over the world by putting up messages on the "nets" which I'm guessing would be analogous to what humans of today call "The Internet." No difference. As I read those pages, all I could think of was the theme to Pinky and the Brain. Still, 100 great pages is a pretty good run.

I picked up Michael Connelly's The Closers. Since I've read Ian Rankin's Resurrection Men, this other book is resonating. I enjoy Rankin's prose a bit more than Connelly's, but this book is pulling me in better than the only other Connelly book I've read which had to do with a Coyote. The Last Coyote? I've a strong desire to just skip to the end and figure out who did it though. Is that a good thing?

Speaking of Connelly and Rankin, I was in the local Borders recently and came across a lady scouring the shelves for a Connelly that they didn't have. Directed her towards the Rankins as similar (don't know if that's true except in the most general ways) and I think I made a sale for an author I've never even read when I talked up David Morrell's Creepers.


Blogger Brett Battles said...

I can understand the Ender's Game problem. I think I was a teenager when I read it. Could very well have the same reaction now.

I read Creepers a couple of months ago and enjoyed it. Just started Upside Down by John Ramsey Miller. Pretty damn cool so far.

April 06, 2006 10:41 PM  
Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

On behalf of Ian Rankin I thank you and say bless you. You have obviously succumbed to my indoctrination and subliminal messages about the power of Rankin.

Sprinkled all over every post I make, manuscript I write, etc.

Seriously, I've heard a lot of people say Rankin and Connelly are similar. Although Mr. Connelly is definitely the shy one.

April 07, 2006 1:08 PM  

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