Saturday, February 17, 2007


The past few days have been hectic with teaching and paper grading. I've also been working hard on two novels - another Bronx novel (like The Concrete Maze, yet different) and a thriller with an international scope. About 26,000 words on the thriller and 10,000 words on the Bronx novel. Haven't written any short stories recently though I have more than a few ideas for them. Just trying to figure out where to send them all (I still have a half dozen or so that I haven't found a home for yet). Included in the half dozen or so is a series of stories with a sci-fi slant - kind of BLADERUNNERish, but with a frumpier detective who is actually afraid of the new technologies he investigates. Anyway, if you know of a receptive home for these,let me know, and I'll check them out.

I've also been putting together profiles for CrimeSpree on Jonathan Santlofer and Megan Abbott. That should be running in an upcoming edition. This also means that I've been reading and what great fun that has been. Great writers the both of them.

Anywya, when I've added about 10k on each of the novels, I'll feel a lot more comfortable with them and will tell all about them.

Meanwhile. It appears my second novel Death in Precinct Puerto Rico is out already in paperback. I'd link to Amazon or some such, but trust me, it's there.


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