Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Russel McLean Show...

I've praised Russel McLean's novel The Good Son, a nice bit of noir, but since it was originally published in the UK, I haven't expected to see any reviews of it here in the States. Now, of course, St. Martin's Press - my publisher - has picked up Russel's book and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine has seen fit to review it. The review glows. Here's a nice line for Russel to tuck away: "McLean's prose is marvelous..." Or try this one: "McLean has created an intensely complex, credible central character and surrounds him with a skillfully drawn supporting cast. Readers will look forward to a reprise of J. McNee."

All this in the March 2010 AHMM. To learn even more about the book, and to enter some contest where you get a chance at earning a copy of your own, go to his blog.


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