Monday, March 08, 2010

Yes, Yes, A Contest...

You've probably been wondering "How can I get a copy of Steve Torres' latest?" Well, I've got some news for you... First, I usually go by the full name "SteveN" though I'm not a stickler for it. Just want to avoid troubles down the road, you see. Then, I'll ask three questions. Be the first to chime in with the right answer to any one of these three, and I'll send you a copy of the ARC for BLACKOUT IN PRECINCT PUERTO RICO*.

Here are the questions:

1 - The Barnes and Noble listing listing for BLACKOUT refers to a certain "Bennett" in a New York Times Review of the book. I've never been reviewed in the Times, nor have I ever gone by the name of Bennett. Who is the Bennett referred to?

2 - The Amazon listing for the book refers in the Product Description to another of my books. In fact, the product description is entirely based on that other book and has NOTHING to do with my current opus. Which other book is it referencing?

3 - In the book, only Gonzalo's first two deputies make an appearance. (The book is set the earliest and was, in fact, the first I wrote.) Name the deputies.

Note: if someone is intrepid enough to answer all three questions correctly, the answers will not only cancel each other out (the first two alone would do that) but mean that the smarty-pants owes me a book....

* This one has nothing to do with the goatsucker, El Chupacabra. Look for that on kindle one of these days.


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