Monday, June 21, 2010


Joran van der Sloot retracts his confession in the murder of Stephany Flores. He says the police tricked him, telling him they'd let him go to home to the Netherlands if only he'd confess to killing the Peruvian national. Since Joran has been lying about the Holloway case saying "I killed her" "No, I didn't" "Yes, I did." etc, it's hard to say I didn't already know he was going to lie. I think I knew it before he did.

The real question is only whether he's crazy or crazy like a fox. I mean the lies seem to have helped him in the Holloway case (though not as much as the lack of a body). Maybe he's setting up an insanity defense? Or hoping to confuse Peruvian authorities somehow? Or does he think that if he lies enough times, as many as in the Holloway case or more, maybe the body of Stephany Flores will disappear as well?

And what's society supposed to do with this young man anyway? His confession is worthless, I think. And any talk of remorse, if that ever comes, will be equally pointless. Who would believe him and why? Assume he's in jail for twenty years. Most likely, he won't be rehabilitated though there's a chance that the next twenty years will bring about some new drug or therapy for psychopaths... So what happens when he gets out? The good thing? As a man in his forties or fifties, he'll be less likely to attract young women and hopefully women his age will remember him and stay away. Far away. And maybe that's the van der Sloot solution - solitary confinement. If he ever gets out, let everyone turn away from him and let his lying voice fall on the ear like a mosquito buzz forever.


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