Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Kindle Collection...

I thought I'd announce what I'm planning as the next collection of stories I get onto the Kindle. I'm thinking of a group of six previously published stories that I might call something like Stoop the Thief and Other Urban Heroes.

The first two stories would be my two "Stoop the Thief" stories, one published in CRIMESPREE MAGAZINE years ago and the other published in an anthology from Bleak House called UNCAGE ME! The marvellous Jennifer Jordan accepted both stories for which I'm grateful. The second story was even nominated for a prize which was an honor. It also got me a very nice mention in Publisher's Weekly.

The next two stories would be Ray Cruz stories. Ray's a meanie. In any event, the first was also published in CRIMESPREE, the second came out in PLOTS WITH GUNS.

Then there'd be another CRIMESPREE selection: "Elena Speaks of the City, Under Siege." This one actually won a prize and it may well be the only second person story you'll ever love. Or read even. They're kind of rare.

And finally, a story that was published in BRONX NOIR from Akashic Books and edited by SJ ROZAN: "Early Fall." It's quite dark and based on a real person I knew. It's sort of a tribute to a real street battler who dedicated her life to helping prostitutes and addicts get off the junk and get clean.

I'll certainly report back when that collection's ready to go up.


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