Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Kindle Novel

Unlike a lot of other writers, I don't have a huge number of finished novels that need a home. I pretty much have two. One is a Ray Cruz novel. Ray Cruz is a meanie - he hurts people as his profession. Either that or he kills them outright. It's a story of the streets of the Bronx. Just imagine what happens when someone attacks Ray's family and you get the overall picture. Who does the attacking is a mystery to him, but how he goes about solving it and what he does with the information is all dark stuff indeed.

Then I have a novel about a young lady photojournalist and her quest to get evidence of El Chupacabra (The Goatsucker). What happens when she captures a murderer on film instead of the dreaded little livestock killing beastie?

I'm hoping to be able to bring the Chupacabra to Kindle by the end of this month and the Ray Cruz story by the end of May. These projected dates coincide with Spring break and the end of the Spring semester when I'll have some time for fiddling around with making Kindle-ready files. If I can stick to this schedule, I'll be able to finish a novel in June and have it ready for Kindle - that'll be a Viktor Petrenko novel. Then I teach Summer school...

I hope that the summer will give me an opportunity to finish another novel - Isaac Newton or female serial killer? Not sure yet.


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