Saturday, February 26, 2011

Title Contest - I Win!

Creating titles is hard work. Frankly, I'd rather just write the stories. Still, I got a fair bit of input both here and emailed to me and after all was said and done (and because I don't want to hold up the release of this collection any further) I decided to stick with what I originally had - Stoop the Thief and The Temple of, Stoop the Thief and Other Urban Heroes. It should be available for purchase in a few days.

Still, to show how it can be valuable to enter all online contests... One person who didn't change my mind about the title will be getting a copy of The Cloud Pavilion by Laura Joh Rowland anyway.

Then there's the next collection. I'm looking to put that together on my own. I think I've done a fair job of setting up the table of contents. But I'll need artwork. I'll need to figure out how to do cool things with artwork and then how to embed them into the file for uploading to Kindle. I'm running ahead of my own self-imposed schedule for the release of these stories, so I'm not too worried. Yet...


Blogger Graham Powell said...

I think I'm going to put up a blog post on how to create a book with Mobipocket. There's a few things that don't quite go the way you'd expect.

But then of course I won't rake in the big bucks as a book designer...

February 26, 2011 10:42 PM  

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