Thursday, February 24, 2011

Title Time, Redux

I really am straining for a title for my next Kindle collection. It has a total of six stories (Revolver? Six-Shooters?) Two stories star Stupendous Jones (aka Stoop the Thief) a young boy who lives by his wits on the streets of NYC. Real heartbreakers, I think.

Two other stories are about Ray Cruz, a real tough guy, hired killer who has no qualms beating the living p**p out of you to get what he wants.

Another story is called "Elena Speaks of the City, Under Siege." Probably one of my best stories, it's about a young woman trying to keep it together in a Sarajevo-like environment. What is Sarajevo-like? It's a city under siege, of course.

And lastly, I have a story called "Early Fall." It's about a woman who tries to save a very young prostitute from her own addictions and the meanness of the streets. The woman has her own demons to wrestle with and the police are not too helpful either.

My first thought was something like Stoop the Thief and Other Urban Heroes but that somehow sounds a bit bland. Here are other attempts:

City without Mercy: Stories
Mercy Free Zone: Stories
Pitiless City

You see I'm no good at this. Stop me. Come up with a title I can use, and I'll send you a book.



Blogger Graham Powell said...

You could go with "Towns Without Pity", inspired by the classic song. Although I think "Cry Without Pity", or maybe "Tears Without Pity", is pretty good too.

February 24, 2011 12:14 PM  

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