Sunday, March 06, 2011

Kindle Questions

Okay, I still don't have a Kindle, and I haven't yet downloaded a Kindle "app." I'm planning on it. Just wondering if my home computer can handle it... And I haven't read up on what the restrictions are. If I buy a kindle book and download it to my desktop, can I email it to myself so I can read it at home?

And if I buy a Kindle today, won't it be obsolete in a year or two? Then what do I do? I'm sure Amazon's website can answer this for me, no?

And if I download books to my hard-drive, won't I eventually fill up the hard-drive? And by eventually, I mean quickly. How do people use their phones as Kindle machines? I mean, how many books can a cell phone hold? Or are you supposed to discard the books after you read them? Not sure I'd be happy about that.

Of course, it's not like I have unlimited shelf space either.

Anyway, time to do some downloading.



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