Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Choke On Your Lies, Part III

Yesterday I alerted my dear readers about Anthony Neil Smith's desire to sell a paltry 1500 copies of his latest novel, Choke On Your Lies. I don't know if he's getting any closer, but if he isn't inching along toward that goal, it wno't be because I failed to quote a couple of the reader reviews:

Matt Funk wrote:"Choke on Your Lies is a model of Smith's peculiar spirit. It's a swift, sordid piece featuring flawed people who flail toward happiness at murderous expense, only to find themselves worse for the effort. The twists are plentiful, rendered in the slim borders of punchy chapters that speed to a grim conclusion. All of this is soaked in the sultry atmosphere of the South, a place Smith knows well and evokes without being overdone."

Stephen Blackmoore said:"This book is a cozy the way that Genghis Khan was a people person. We're not talking scrapbooking and knitting needles, chefs who die off-stage and discussions of Gramma's apple pie.

This is Gonzo Cozy and is so full of awesome you won't know what hit you. This is Agatha Christie with a strap-on. If Rex Stout and Hunter S. Thompson did it doggy-style on an ether-binge this would be the result."

J. Strupek said:"This book is an all you can eat buffet of crime, passion, deceit, wounded souls, and bruised emotions served up with a side dish of dark humor. Anthony Neil Smith has once again offered up a story that turns crime fiction on its too often tone deaf ear. Page turner might not apply to an ebook, so lets just call it a screen burner."


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