Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Chupacabra Novel

I forgot to give any description of my goatsucker book. I figured I'd correct that with a look at what I wrote up for Amazon:

Photojournalist Lucy Cruz, young, beautiful, talented, and poor, spends her nights sitting outside a farm waiting for El Chupacabra - Puerto Rico's legendary livestock killing beast. The group that hired her want only one clear photo of the animal, but what her camera captures is not one animal killing another - it's murder. When she hands police her photos, she's thrown into a fight for her life against a killer who's only getting started.

When the man she loves is nearly murdered, Lucy races to piece together the clues before the killer's aim improves...

A little cryptozoology tossed into a perfectly good mystery... In fact, while I don't have my main character actually photograph the little beastie, I do have someone offer an alternative explanation of the sightings. Note, however, that cryptozoology is not what the book is mainly about. That's a side issue. What the book is about is murder, plain and simple (if murder ever is such a thing) and what it takes my heroine to stop the murderer before others die. It takes a lot. Just saying.

Anyway, here's what the book looks like (for in case anyone tries selling you a cheap Taiwanese knock-off...):

And here is a clicky-thingy so you can buy it...


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