Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Writing Now

Not much, really. I mean I have something like seven novels started and one being rewritten. The rewrite is taking way too long as I've pretty much fallen out of love with the book. Ah well. And finding an hour to write is near impossible. I know. Make time. Right. Let me put that on my list of things to make...

And I need to turn THE CONCRETE MAZE into Kindling. That'll take me about forty hours. (Rough estimate.)

Here's what's on deck:

1 - Viktor Petrenko novel (53k done; out of 70k?)
2 - Another Viktor Petrenko novel (43k done)
3 - Isaac Newton novel (30k out of 70k done)
4 - Female serial killer (30k out of 60k)
5 - Ray Cruz novel (10k out of 70k)
6 - Medieval Fantasy (5k out of God knows how many, but I'm liking it this week...)
7 - Can't remember... That's not the title, I just can't recall.

2012 ought to be awesome...


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