Saturday, October 08, 2005

Desert Places - Blake Crouch

I'm reading the above mentioned title. I'm on page 42 so far. I started last night, so this is a very good clip for me.

The story so far revolves around a serial killer who is framing up a mystery writer, torturing him, bringing him out into the desert, making him read Machiavelli and Democritius (the reading is not the torture, but it doesn't sound so pleasant). In any event, not only is the book "compulsively readable" as the cover says, it's damn fine writing too. You may think you've read the "mystery writer stalked by a killer" book before, but this ain't that, trust me. You'll savor this one.

Can't wait to see how the writer wins the day. I mean, after all, there can't be a book where the writer comes out badly, right?


Blogger New Hope Writer said...

I probably got to your blog via John Rickards's list of links. Every now and then I scoot around among "his" people. I've come to enjoy Bryon especially. I originally got to John's blog because in the dedication or acknowledgements for "Winter's End" he mentioned the Mystery Writers Forum (I think it's called)and one thing followed another...

I have always enjoyed mysteries with a passion but have only begun to write in that direction. It has always been my dream to do so, and I figure it's best to start on one's dream some time before senility sets in. (Have earned my living for 35 years as a writer for advertising and marketing with the occasional magazine article here and there.) My daughter (who has just started a career in N.Y. publishing, hooray and praise the Lord!) tells me that it is quite wonderful that at my age I am once again a "student" -- i.e., learning to write fiction, specifically crime fiction. (Although is not advertising fiction as well,I ask you?) Anyway it is wonderful to find people so passionate about the genre and so willing to share their thoughts. I am going to the library tomorrow so I will chase down some of the ones you have recommended. And one way or another, I WILL go to Bouchercon next year!!!!! I really have to meet some of these people whose fantasies and foibles I follow so faithfully. - Connie

October 08, 2005 5:45 PM  

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