Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Da Vinci Code, Part II

I'm 311 pages in, so I'm reading quite quickly according to my normal speed. This book isn't bad. I'm thinking there are about 30 pages too many so far, that is, about 10% flab. That ten percent might have been used to more carefully draw the main character, I think. A lot of things happen to him, but I have to rely on my own imagination to create a persona I care about. For instance, early on there was the hint of a girlfriend who may or may not have ripped his heart out before stepping on it, but that was 200 pages ago and she hasn't been back. Also, as I pointed out earlier, it's a bit over the top -- an albino assassin? -- and as I've not mentioned, takes itself a bit more seriously than I'd like. But again, so far, not bad.

As a religious person I'd have to burn the book after I finish, so that's a drawback, but otherwise, I'm enjoying it. I'd give it a B+. (That could drop a bit if it has anymore classroom digressions. Really, I've learned about as much as my brain can hold, and I don't intend to check any of the details before passing them on as facts.)


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