Thursday, November 03, 2005

MWA Dinner Last Night

Went to the MWA dinner last night in NYC. It was one of those things where every table of eight had a real live author to whom one could put questions and expect answers. The questions were about the process of writing as well as the business of same. I was the live author for the table. We ate salmon.

I tried to give complete answers but that did turn into a bit of talking with ones mouth full. Unseemly but informative. Among the questions asked me were why I write (to get out the stories of the victims was the answer) and what do you do when marketing clashes with what you've written (find a way to accomodate if possible).

Great conversations with Sarah Weinman , Reed Farrel Coleman, Michele Martinez , and Jason Starr . Also spoke with Jane Cleland whose book Consigned to Death comes out next year and Grace Edwards whose books on Harlem have been out and about for a while. G. Miki Hayden shared the table with me as did my editor at St. Martin's, Marcia Markland.

I wish i could have stayed for the entire after-dinner party because I had the feeling Jason and Reed were just getting started. Oh my God, Bambi! Anyway, you had to be there.

A great time was had by me, at least. I can't speak for others.


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