Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Da Vinci Code, Part the Last

Finished the DVC (realize that in Bronx-speak it would be Da Da Vinci Code). Liked it overall. Extremely slick in most parts, actually slipped out of my hands a couple of times. It dragged a bit with all the lectures about worshipping women and how the Bible is a book that leaves out other books (???), but then there was an albino assassin monk -- talk about having a hard time blending in with the crowds: no John Rain, he.

Still, no that I'm done and I did like it in general, I can't see how it can be a Hollywood movie without some major embellishment. By embellishment, I mean violence. If I recall correctly, there are no explosions, a serious deficiency. No explosions and a hell of a lot of talk.

In any event, now that I've read it, I think I can write a DVC imitation, but you know the hardest part? Keeping a straight face through the mumbo and jumbo. Tend not to believe in conspiracy theories and certainly not ones that require two thousand years of people sworn to secrecy.

And btw, if women are, in the novel, so great, how come THEY don't keep the secrets?


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