Saturday, June 03, 2006

Duane Swierczynski - Fraud? Scammer? Con Artist?

Just bought Duane Swierczynski's Complete Idiot's Guide to Frauds, Scams, and Cons. Wow. Con artists are mean. And inventive. If you were thinking of giving money to those guys with the Nigerian Windfall, I've got just one contraction for you - Don't!

If someone tells you there's mustard on the back of your coat, tell them you put it there and keep walking. Ketchup too. The jury's still out on other condiments.

If the bank calls you and wants your personal information, hang up. If E-Bay, PayPal, Amazon, Book of the Month Club email you and want you to confirm your name, address, SS#, bank account #s...that might be legit. I haven't read the whole book yet.

Also, if I read correctly, there is no quick way to lose fat. I know from personal experience there is no slow way either so that means there is no way at all.

Anyway, a great read. Now if he only wrote novels...


Blogger Plot Baby Plot said...

There's actually a writer named Duane Swierczynski? You've got to be making this up!

June 04, 2006 11:22 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

Nope, he's real. In order to make it up, I'd have to be able to spell Swierczynski without the book in front of me. Hell, I can just barely spell it now.

June 04, 2006 11:28 PM  

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