Friday, March 16, 2007


I've never used anything like it before. I do know it's like MySpace where all the kids are going so they can more easily be stalked by online predators, but I don't feel any fear...yet. In any event, I've posted one of my flash fiction pieces, a refugee from Flashing in the Gutters. Here is what I think will be a link. After you've read my story, feel free to roam around. But remember - my story FIRST.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Victory Declared in Iraq!

Top officials of Halliburton have said they have done all they could, were pleased with the results, and were pulling out. Their new headquarters will be in Dubai. About leaving the US for much warmer climes one executive turned to the cameras and smirked.

I'm not one for political posts, but the comic opportunities seemed almost limitless. Sorry I squandered them...

Monday, March 12, 2007

To Ken!

Ken Bruen has been kind to me though he doesn't know me personally. We've met a couple of times at various B'cons. I've read several of his books and when it comes to writing, the man knows not how to do wrong. The novels are all pitch perfect. Unlike some writers I know who will break out of voice and annoy readers with dissonance, Ken does not know how to do this.

Now as a person, I am, as readers will know biased. He gifted me with a blurb that could only have been written by my own mother...if she could write. And...he actually read the book. I wasn't expecting that he'd actually pepper his blurb with references to parts of the novel. Somewhere on this blog, there is his complete blurb which runs on to about 200 words. This is, of course, a kindness that he's shown to other authors, but recall that we've only passed a few dozen words between us and most of those AFTER he wrote the blurb. That is generosity.

This generosity is also on display whenever Ken is a panel moderator or member.

Could I say more about Ken? Possibly not. I hope to know him better in future and buy him a beer. Will he be at B'con Anchorage?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cover Art

Okay, this is the cover art for The Concrete Maze coming this Summer. I can't see anything but four lines of code. Since this is my first time uploading a picture, I'm going by faith here. Decades of religious life have prepared me for this, so I'm resting easy.

Work continues apace on another Hardboiled/Noir novel set in the Bronx which shares a key character with The Concrete Maze. This second book I'm calling The Concrete Heart.

Reading: The Blade Itself by Marcus Sakey recommended to me by Sarah Weinman, Margery Flax, and Dave White as we stood in the Black Orchid bookstore waiting for Theresa Schwegel and Megan Abbott just before Jonathan Santlofer walked in. How's that for names dropped?

So far, the book is as good as advertised... Sakey's, that is.