Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eat More... Kale?

So a man in Vermont sells kale. And he has a slogan "Eat More Kale." And Chick-fil-A wants him to stop using the phrase because they have a similar phrase: "Eat More Chikin" (spelled just that way, without all those pesky correct letters...). They think Kale-Man's message will dilute their message, and they'll suffer financial harm from people who choose kale when they really wanted chikin.

"David versus Goliath," the man says. Indeed. Kale versus chikin. Suddenly, I'm hungry for a steak...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Steve Hockensmith

I've blogged about Hockensmith before, of course. Who hasn't? just thought I'd let people know he is blogging about himself as well. (See? Everyone blogs about Hockensmith. Even Hockensmith...) Most recently, he's writing about his e-book experiment/experience. Apparently, he's now paying for groceries based on the welath brought in by self-published e-books. You might think "big deal. That Hockensmith eats like a bird," but you'd be wrong. I've seen him eat.

Anyway, if you don't have a Hockensmith title yet, or if you haven't found a way to blog about Hockensmith, I'd say take a look at the stories in his cheapest collection, My Dog Needs Surgery. Essentially, Hockensmith won't get his dog medical attention until he's made enough sales. Poor dog? Yes. Good stories? Absolutely.

Alternatively, of course, you can buy one of my story collections. I recommend this one.

Akitada Stories

If you've followed this blog, then you know I'm a huge admirer of IJ Parker's short stories. Also, if you follow this blog, then you are one of a select few, but that issue can be dealt with later.

For years, I've told her she should get her stories together and I've finally been listened to. The collection is called Akitada and the Way of Justice, and it is available as a Kindle. Probably other formats as well. Sadly, it seems like this is not a COMPLETE collection, but I believe it is every story that has been previously published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

I've read most of the stories. Will I get this collection? Absolutely. Will I try to interview the author and find out more about the background and composing process? No doubt.

Now, the product description at Amazon is a bit too bare, of course, but that can be changed, I'm sure. Anyway, whatever the purchase price, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Billie Jean is not....

Justin Bieber will take a paternity test to prove he's not the father of some lady's child. I take it as a sign that he really isn't since he doesn't have to offer.

Not sure how this affects his squeaky clean reputation (is it still squeaky?). In any event, I wish him good luck with his test, especially since you can't really study for this one...

Writing, Now with Cannibalism...

I'm not taking part in NaNoWriMo but only because I can never remeber to start. Also, I don't know how to make one of those cool word-o-meters to show every blog reader how far I've gotten. Since the start of the semester, I've written 50,000 words on a project that will probably wind up at twice that length. About 15,000 of those words have been in November and I suspect another 5,000 will help me finish out the month and inch toward completion.

The book is a sword and sorcerer type. Strange as I've never read one of those. I have, of course, seen the movie. Which movie, you ask? Lord of the Rings, of course. Not exactly sword and sorcerer, you say. Well. Aren't you full of yourself?

In any event, it is set around the time of the Crusades. The first ones, not the others which were unifomly crappy. Note about the First Crusades - cannibalism at the Siege of Ma'arra. Look it up. Apparenly the Christians literally started chomping on the Muslims. No salt. No pepper. Nothing. And it wasn't just one deranged guy. It was a group derangement.

Anyway, I figured that had to be novelized for purile entertainment...

Should be done in a couple of months.

Monday, November 21, 2011

This Just In...

ABC has apparently ordered fewer episodes of Cougartown; fifteen instead of the normal twenty-two. My reaction? "There's a show called Cougartown?" There is. It stars Courtney Cox as a woman who... Not sure I can summon the energy to continue work on that sentence.

But here's the thing - I don't have cable (so please don't tell me to watch whatever exciting new show can't be captured by rabbit ears) and there simply isn't enough watchable TV on the networks. You might say "But it's been that way since forever." True. True. But I have really low standards. I'll watch any old crap. But in the past couple of years I haven't even been able to do that. There are days when only Netflix lets me watch anything (including old crap) that and a channel I get called "Antenna TV" that shows re-runs of shows like "Good Times" and "Maude." MAUDE, for goodness sake!

Is it just me or did the CSI type shows (including NCIS and HOUSE, MD) all get old and stale?

Clue me in about Network TV. What am I missing out on? Is there MUST SEE TV?

Here's what I'm watching: FRINGE on FOX, TERRA NOVA on FOX. THE AMAZING RACE on CBS. That's pretty much it.

Waiting for the DVD release of the last season of MI-5 from the BBC, the second season of THE WALKING DEAD from whatever channel that's on.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rosemary Harris

This just in from Rosemary Harris. If you haven't read one of her books, I can't imagine a better way to start.

I'm busy now working on a fifth mystery but I wanted to thank all of you for a great 2011 and I want to offer each of you a free copy of Dead Head (hard cover.)

If you've already read it, share this copy with a friend or donate it to your local library so that other readers can discover Paula Holliday. Just send your snail mail address to rosemary@rosemaryharris.com and put Free Dead Head in the subject line. And feel free to pass this offer along. Just my way of saying thanks!
Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,



(Offer good while supplies last.)

An Interview

Theresa Varela has been gracious enough to show interest in my writing and my self, so I've answered a few questions for her at her blog. If you're dying to know what I'm working on at this moment, or how religion inspires what I write, check it out here.

Leave a comment, good or bad. Hopefully good, though. After all, what have I ever done to you? Sheesh.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

QR Markham

One blog post (at least) talks about the quality of Markham's book, trying to step beyond the now famous plagiarism issue. BOINGBOING says the book didn't stop being good when the plagiarism was discovered, but the site makes a mistake in attributing the book to Markham. The quality (and I read the first dozen pages and found it very put downable a few weeks ago) didn't change, but this phrase, "Debutante plagiarist Q.R. Markham's temporarily-lauded spy thriller, Assassin of Secrets, is in fact a string of passages lifted from other books" nesses things up royally. The problem is with the use of the possessive. The problem is this isn't Markham's spy thriller. The book isn't his at all really. Not the ideas, not the words and phrases, and, not to be too snarky, even the author photo looks suspiciously like Roy Orbison.

Reluctant Habits has a good review of the cut and paste job Markham carried out. Frankly, I've written novels. I know how difficult it is. I'd rather write one that try to piece one together like this. Can't imagine how it was done. Seems like so much work. Actually, I'd rather write a novel than read all the info gathered on this site on the matter.