Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Win The Good Son by Russel McLean

Do yourself a favor in this New Year. Add a comment to this post saying you'd like a free (though slightly used) copy of Russel McLean's Scottish PI novel, THE GOOD SON. If you don't know who Russel McLean is, I could say you must have been hiding under some kind of rock these past few years* as everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE knows Russel. Check out his blog.

He writes mean short stories for AHMM, and he's now turned his attention to the novel where, I have to say, he excels. The story concerns a man who wants to know why it is his brother committed suicide. He hires J. "Speed" McNee. Of course, there are complications - wouldn't be a PI novel if everyone told the truth the first time they were confronted, but what I like best is that McNee has a past that troubles him but really, the terrible, terrible thing that haunts him wasn't his fault. Seriously.

Anyway, see for yourself. As in previous iterations of book contests here, I'll choose a name randomly. Probably sometime tomorrow, but certainly before 2009 runs out. I'll happily ship anywhere. Even Australia. Everyone**, including minors, is eligible.

Oh, and I'll toss in a copy of my last*** book, THE CONCRETE MAZE if you don't have one. Just ask in the comment. Russel called it a "Stonker," so you'll have to judge whether that makes you want one.

* But that would be pointlessly cruel.
** Excluding Russel McLean or any of his minions.
*** I mean it in the sense of "latest" but at this point in my career, it could go either way. Seriously.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Britcom help, take 2

Thanks to Patti Abbott and Manuel Ramos for trying but neither show is the one I want. The episode I saw: two not bright men decide to turn their farmhouse into a hotel and they believe it is worth a nine star rating so that's what they put on the handpainted sign out by the road. Their first customers are a lesbian couple so after being more than a little flustered, they erase two of the stars on the sign. Box of mysteries to whoever gets the right series (because I'd like to buy and can't for the life of me identify it...)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Britcom help

If you know your Britcoms can you lend a brother a hand? In England some years ago I saw an episode of a Britcom that I've never been able to identify since - in the episode, two country bumpkins decide to turn their farmhouse into a hotel - a nine star hotel. When the first guests are a lesbian couple, one of the managers decides they can no longer consider themselves a nine-star hotel and goes out with whitewash to eliminate two of the stars on the hand drawn sign out front. Ring any bells? If so, let me know...There may be a book in it for you.