Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why We Will Invade Iran...

Fantasy Scenario #1 – Iran

Looking at the Cabinet picks and wondering out loud….

So the president-elect hates Iran and thinks they are trying to build a nuke. In fact, they were recently trying to build a nuke and possibly other Weapons of Mass Destruction (I’ll call them WMDs for short). And perhaps, if sanctions are re-imposed on them they’ll go back to building a nuke.
And the President-elect goes on TV and says “Folks, they’re building a nuke. We’ve gotta stop them, there’s nothing else we can do… Bigly.”

And he happens to have a very capable DoD chief in Gen. Mattis. But he’d need a National Security Adviser who will believe anything he reads online, someone soft in the head, and it would help if this person already believes that Iran, being full of Muslims, is therefore full of terrorists. Mike Flynn you say? Nah, he wouldn’t want a job where… Oh, Okay, Flynn it is.

Now, the president-elect being a businessman would need to think there was some monetary advantage to invading Iran… for instance, if he thought that we’d be within our rights to keep their oil. He’d need people in his cabinet who know oil.

At home, of course, there’d be protests. A cynical person might think these protests could be best controlled if Muslims – most likely to protest – were all required to register as such: “Folks, we have to do it. Bigly.”

And maybe Shiite Muslims need to be rounded up for their own protection. “Folks, you know. Bigly.”

And maybe other Muslims, too. “Folks, bigly.”

Or maybe a single plane with a single bomb flies over Tehran and puts a mushroom cloud where it used to be.


Of course, I’m wrong. I’m an English professor, not a strategist, not a political type. Fine tune the fantasy. Give me facts. Please show me why this could never happen.