Friday, June 17, 2011

In TV News...

Ashton Kutcher to go to Law and Order: SVU. Christopher Meloni to fill in at Two and a Half Men. It appears that because of really complicated contractual obligations, Christopher Meloni cannot be left jobless by NBC. So, in essence, they have traded him to CBS where he'll work for reduced wages (That is, only a quarter of a million per episode). Chuck Lorre has expressed an interest in having Meloni work on 2.5 Men. "I think he'd add a certain edge to the show..." Lorre was heard to say in what might be the understatement of the year.

Ashton Kutcher won't work with Meloni (I think everyone in Hollywood knows that) and so he is apparently headed to fill the spot Meloni abandoned on L&O:SVU. The only response from Mariska Hargitay, Meloni's long-time partner (on-screen, not in life) was supposedly a husky laugh. Not sure how that should be interpreted. Richard Belzer, however, thought it wouldn't be such a bad move for Kutcher or the show. "It'll add some pretty-boy factor to the show. We've been missing that."

Of course, Charlie Sheen was asked about this, and, of course, all he had to say was spiteful. "This will spell failure on an epic scale for both networks. This is napalm. I said I'd drop the ordinance on them. NBC is collateral damage. This is my nuke for CBS, Chuck Lorre, Bruce Willis Junior, all those people. I don't know Meloni, but he'd better run for the hills on this one."

Before anyone looks up any part of this, I didn't do an April 1st post, so here it is.