Friday, July 09, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail

90 days. I can't say I'm happy about that. Or sad. I know she's famous, but I guess I'm too old to have ever seen one of her movies. They say she's a beauty, and it might just be that when I've seen her on TV she's usually about to cry, but she looks haggard to me.

Of course, none of that should matter to me - her talent (or lack thereof) her beauty (or lack thereof) should all be nothing to me and the law. Did she commit the crime she's accused of and does that crime deserve 90 days in jail? That should be the question. But of course her talent and looks do play into all this. Also her youth, her gender, her race. It's a smorgasbord. Her DUI charge was in 2007, I think. Back when G.W. Bush was president. Before the iPad. Before Lady Gaga. Or Katy Perry. It was a different America...

Not to say she deserves to be free. Not by any stretch. I've little sympathy for drunk drivers. but maybe they should have slapped her a bit harder on the wrist way back when the punishment seemed more clearly linked to the crime*.

I understand the California jails are so full they're looking for volunteers to give up their cot for Lindsay. Of course, with unemployment the way it is, inmates think twice before asking to be set free.

I'm thinking Lohan will see ten days in jail. Then some community service and probation. But will we see her back on the big screen or in a mugshot?

* Not to say she hasn't been the one to stall the process.