Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kindle Success, Part IV

I've now sold ten ebooks. That's about as many as my traditional publishers managed to sell since 2002. I don't think any of my books has sold the five copies I've done of KILLING WAYS: STORIES. No joking. I've got about $10.75 in royalties. So far I haven't spent any money, but I have relied on the kindness of tech-savvy friends (read Graham Powell).

I've figured out how to do enough html to have a working, clickable table of contents and that makes me pretty proud. Next comes embedding a jpeg and cover design so I can be self sufficient. There are several more story collections to come I told about one of them yesterday. There's an eclectic set and a 49,000 word set of PRECINCT PUERTO RICO stories. If you can't wait for the collection, buy the novelette - "The Valley of Angustias."

Next, I try to figure out how to promote my stories...


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