Thursday, September 08, 2011

My Kindle stats

I wish I could do one of those nifty screen grabs and show precisely how much I've made from Kindle just so far this month. I'm pretty sure it would require using the right mouse button, no? But then my laptop doesn't have a mouse so I'd just be lost. In any event, I can certainly sum it up in layman's terms. So far in September I've sold one (1) Kindle. It was a copy of Killing Ways.

From this bit of raw data I am forecasting that I will sell a total of four (4) Kindles for the month. This is down sharply from the six (6) Kindles I sold in August and continues a trend since I did sell about ten (10) in July and (I believe) fourteen (14) in June.

If I do, in fact sell four Kindles this month, they will bring me in a total of about $1.40 for the month. On the bright side, Joe Konrath would remind me that Kindles will earn me $1.40 every month for the rest of my life, which if I live to be 90 means I'll get a total of about $806.40. This doesn't count interest I'll be earning along the way, of course.


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