Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steinbrenner passes

Wow. I sort of never thought I'd see the day. Not really a Yankee fan (Go Mets!) but I have to say that Steinbrenner made major league baseball what it is today in a bunch of different ways. In fact, he kind of defines team building in general. Take that as you will. Of course, it took a process for him to get to be a good owner. Revolving door managers wasn't fun. Tirades were no good for the team; tyranny either. But he wasn't afraid to throw cash at a problem and that did result in a bunch of World Championships. And in recent years, the Torre years for instance, he was an ally in team building. That is, he didn't try to go it alone.

Didn't he give baseball its first millionaire in Reggie Jackson? And wasn't he instrumental in bringing TV contracts? I'm not sure. I'm trying to get my history straight. Anyway, condolences to the Steinbrenner family and to Yankee fans everywhere.