Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taunting Lindsay Lohan

Okay, inmates are taunting Lindsay Lohan and she really doesn't like it. She screamed at guards (I guess looking for them to stop the verbal abuse) and they locked her back up in her cell. That's not funny. But the inmates were calling out "Firecrotch!" which I have to say is not a pejorative I've ever heard before. And I've had conversation with John Rickards and Christa Faust (though never at the same time which has, in fact, made me wonder whether they're not the same person...).

The story just made me curious why they came up with this name for her. Are they trying to say she's promiscuous and the "fire" comes, perhaps, from friction? or are they pointing out that the bleaching of her hair didn't reach her nether regions and so she is committing the prison fashion faux pas of blond up top and natural red hair down below?

And doesn't "Firecrotch" have ring to it? Sort of like "Braveheart". So how long before "Firecrotch: The Movie"?


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