Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hockensmith Sale

Steve Hockensmith is one of the great mystery short story writers. Note that there is no qualifier like "living" or "of our generation." I do not hesitate to put him up there with Chandler or (Horrors!) Doyle. In fact, those guys should consider themselves lucky if they could lick his boots... Mostly because it would mean they'd returned from the land of the dead, but still...

Anywho... Hockensmith has a new collection of short stories out there and it's at a bargain price. If you've never read Hockensmith before, now's your chance to do so on the cheap. The collection is called My Dog Needs Surgery: The Book and costs only 99 of your human cents and is worth every penny and perhaps even several more pennies besides.

Here is part of his description lifted from Amazon:

oes your dog need surgery? Yes? Oh, wow -- sorry to hear that. Because this book isn't really for you...unless you're looking for a way to escape from your (and your dog's) sorrows for a few hours.

You see, Steve Hockensmith put together this collection of mystery short stories and humorous essays because HIS dog needs surgery. Her name's Amy, and she has luxating patella. That's trick knees to you and me. Poor little thing. She's on the cover of the book, by the way. Just look into those eyes. Do you want that little cutie to develop arthritis? (That's what can happen if the knee thing isn't fixed.) You want her limping the rest of her life? Of course not! Because you're a big, pet-loving softie, just like Steve.

So what do you get for your 99 cents, aside from the satisfaction that comes from knowing you've done a deserving dog a solid? Well, how about seven mystery short stories AND seven essays about the writing life AND an introduction AND a copyright page! (O.K., the copyright page probably isn't much of a selling point. But this one's really pretty entertaining, as copyright pages go.)

It all adds up to 48,596 words of entertainment, with a guaranteed chuckle at least once every 57.9 words. (Guarantee not valid or actionable in Hawaii, Alaska or the continental U.S.) So what are you waiting for? That dog needs surgery!

Go out and get one already...


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